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Lightwave Consulting
Lightwave Consulting

Costa Rica
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Lightwave Consulting

Light Wave Consulting is a lighting design and consulting company with 16 years of experience, a company dedicated and passionate about lighting; we create lighting concepts focused on people's experience with light in all its functional, emotional and creative fields in public lighting projects, residential, hospitality, restaurants, offices, shops, institutional, historical monuments and national heritage, sports fields (FIFA certified designs) among others.Our company develops the projects and solutions increasing the effectiveness, balancing energy consumption, economy, budgets, functionality, comfort and environment.We like to share our knowledge, giving talks at universities and in companies, both private and public, for the benefit of people who know more about the world of lighting.The company was born from the vision of its founder: Hugo Melgar, Senior Lighting Designer with an experience gained in more than 16 years, designing, collaborating and supervising lighting projects, his career with large companies of worldwide prestige such as Philips Lighting (Now Signify) and Sylvania (Now Feilo Sylvania) in which he has traveled through his professional life to become part of the management and corporate staff. His work and trajectory have taken him through the world of lighting in all its fields, manufacturing, creation of new products, implementation and development of teams and designers, dissertations in biennials and international design fairs.Light Wave Consulting unifies all this experience gained and put at the order of the Development of the Lighting Designer's profession, together with a team of professionals in Electrical Engineering, Architecture, Civil Engineering, all integrated and committed as a Staff that works in function of Architecture as well as Engineering, with the human being as the center of every lighting application, in the energy efficiency and in the economic balance of the budgets and goals of our clients.Light Wave Consulting designs, filters and selects the information that is most convenient for the task of each project, but not only that, it also supervises and executes and makes the "tuning" of the equipment used in each project. We elaborate technical folders for public bids with the required standards worldwide, in this way, we assure the result within the technical offer. We understand the technical reports from test laboratories and this enables us to make a value judgment of each technical offer and lighting equipment to be selected.
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