ADEX Awards Entry Fees & Programs

This Competition Only

#Annual Nominations Annual Cost Additional Nominations
ADEX Entry Fee 1 $600.00 $600.00 Select

Annual Programs*

Annual Programs # Annual Nominations Annual Cost Additional Nominations
AP 1-Annual Nomination 1 $375.00 $375.00 Select
AP 4-Annual Nominations 4 750.00 185.00 Select
AP 8-Annual Nominations 8 1200.00 150.00 Select
AP 20-Annual Nominations 20 2500.00 125.00 Select
AP 30-Annual Nominations 30 3000.00 100.00 Select

*Annual Programs - These programs are for companies that participate on an annual basis and billing is by subscription.

There is a two year minimum commitment for annual programs. If you are only planning to compete in 1 competition please enroll in the This Competition Only section.

Note: for a limited time all annual programs receive a free trial of two months worth of free online marketing ($200 value)