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FLOW Architecture

It is important to provide unique Designs when interpreting a given specific project, not only to be taken in context of program and the pragmatism that looks at costs and structural constraints, but rather an artistic view to aesthetically create a project with a message.
FLOW respects tradition, contexts and programs, apply the principles of mass and space organization, but, notably avoiding existing trends of stereotype architecture. Our philosophy states that uniformity is not obligatory, that all projects should not look alike.

FLOW is a multifaceted business, involved in architecture and interior design specializing in hospitality, commercial, mix-use and residential projects. In 2000 FLOW Architecture was founded and managed in California by Tatjana Milana Nikcevic, in charge of establishing the preliminary and conceptual architecture and endorsing a strategic direction for the FLOW Company and franchises. FLOW Architecture opened in n Montenegro during 2006 and continued to grow by opening in Serbia during 2008. In 2009 the FLOW franchise expanded to Milan, Genova, New Delhi, Los Angeles, Tirana, Beograd and Budva.

The Expertise of FLOW involves the inventive creativity, vision and mathematical solutions regarding our sophisticated architectural design, inspirations and unique dynamic visionary architectural forms.
FLOW architecture is a creative emotion being empirically methodical, practical and striking, indicating the much needed importance of symbolism, emphasizing simplicity in construction, providing a visually complex and resonant space for a rich vibrant architectural experience.

As Montenegrin natives with extensive local contacts, our local presence brings an understanding of the cultural and business climate needed for the successful completion of real estate development projects in Montenegro. In addition, our International operational presence guarantees investors the kind of service, professionalism, and integrity that clients expect from the brand which FLOW has to offer.
Sustainability Features:

The FLOW architectural design focuses on three primary areas:
Original vibrant and innovative design never seen before
Utilizing every square inch of the project,
Effortless construction, yet complex in its unique appearance.
Goal is to find the best and most appropriate expression of an emotion, characteristic, and advantage ...
Flow Architecture
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Flow Architecture
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