Ezequiel Farca Studio
The Acqua Tower is home to 20 of the most luxurious vacation apartments in Acapulco, Mexico, rivaling some of the most sophisticated hotel and resort properties in the region. Ezequiel Farca designed the towers Entry and common areas to transition visitors and residents to a relaxed vacation atmosphere, and to provide opportunities for casual social interaction between tenants. In spite of its vast size, the lobby and lounge areas exude intimacy and warmth, begging the visitor to relax and stay for a drink or a siesta by the pool. Ezequiel Farca custom designed an entire line of furnishings for the outdoor space: low-profile, modern geometries to match the modern architecture of the building and to leave sightlines unobstructed to the spectacular ocean view. The furnitureĀ“s success led to its inclusion in the permanent Ezequiel Farca catalogue. Indoors, breezy conversation areas provide respite from the direct sun, and plenty of areas to rest in small or large groups. Plants, trees, and small water features create a serene atmosphere, and natural fibers intertwined with white fabrics reflect and enhance the year-round sunshine in this enticing vacation retreat.
Ezequiel Farca Studio
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Ezequiel Farca Studio
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