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World Beat
CF Stinson’s World Beat Collection is inspired by the uplifting phenomena of a rhythmic pulse. Each pattern captures a rhythm or tonality in visual and tactile form. Rhythmic striping of boldly colored bars creates movement in Bass Line. Round sounds are captured in Bongo as loose rings overlay a stripe of color and texture. Inspired by the fun mix of beatbox sampling, Beatbox offsets vibrant stripes to form a new rhythm. Techno, a simple pinstripe, dances with staccato bursts of color. Timpani’s bold colors are inspired by the dramatic flourishes of the timpani kettledrum. The spirited, mid-scale High Hat features modern shapes as a backdrop for detailed outlines.


Best of NeoCon, Interior Design Magazine Award
CF Stinson
Address: 2849 Product Dr
City: Rochester Hills
State: MI
Zip: 48309
Country: United States
Fax: (248) 299-3884
Website: http://www.cfstinson.com
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CF Stinson
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