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Phases Collection

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Rocky Mountain Hardware, the leading manufacturer of handcrafted solid-bronze architectural hardware, is excited to announce its new collaboration with the award-winning design firm, Suede Studio, formerly known as Jennifer Hoey Interior Design. Phases encompass' kitchen and bath accessories designed with curves and contemporary angles paired with the natural texture of cast bronze, culminating in an edgy ‘yin-and-yang’ style.

Phases is a versatile collection that is both functional and beautiful. The scale and lines of each piece relate nicely to each other which enables mixing and matching knobs, pulls, and grips. Rocky Mountain Hardware’s expert artisans can customize each piece, make adjustments to the base design, size variations, finish options, and more. Designed to have a broad appeal, either individually or as a whole, the Phases collection comprises of 5 different pieces, some of which are directional and include various length options, including:
Cabinet Pulls and Knobs
Door Pulls/Grips
Towel Bars
Toilet Paper Holder with Shelf

The Design Process

“Rocky Mountain Hardware worked with Jennifer Hoey on many interior projects in the past and we knew that she and her team at Suede Studios would bring a fresh vision to our need for simplistic yet beautifully designed hardware and accessories,” said Christian Nickum, Rocky Mountain Hardware’s president. “The new Phases Collection brings a more contemporary nature to our kitchen and bath collections, bridging gaps between our more traditional designs to the sleeker pieces that are often desired in many of today's projects.”

“I wanted to build upon the concepts that inspired our new name, Suede Studio,” said Jennifer Hoey, Principal Interior Designer of Suede Studio. “In developing the collection, I was drawn to the idea of “Phases” – both as it corresponds with this new phase for our firm set forth by our re-brand, and also how it ties to phases of life.”

“There are elements of design that can last longer than others,” explained Hoey, “but the reality is that we are all inspired by the phases of life that we are in now. I also wanted to show Rocky Mountain’s unique handmade nature with these designs.”

Hoey worked closely with Rocky Mountain Hardware engineers to understand the capabilities of the bronze material and balanced stability with the graceful vibe she was looking for in the design. In exploring the possibilities of curves and angles, Hoey was able to express a more delicate scale with regard to the thickness of the bronze and showcase the versatility in lengths."


Rocky Mountain Hardware, the global leader in bronze architectural hardware, remains committed to sustainability in its 30 years of business. Dedicated to ensuring that products and processes minimize environmental impact at every stage, Rocky Mountain Hardware has taken several key steps, including:

Rocky Mountain Hardware sources only the highest quality, recycled material to create its bronze product collection. Each product is cast of 100% recycled bronze, 50% of which is post-consumer, and available in a choice of 12 hand-applied finish options.

Building a LEED Gold-certified headquarters and manufacturing facility in Hailey, Idaho.

Acknowledging that runoff is an often-ignored environmental hazard, the company re-purifies the water used in the manufacturing process via two 10,000-gallon underground holding tanks.

Implements environmentally sound manufacturing processes in its 3 plants located in Idaho, which include the Idaho Foundry (Blackfoot, ID), Idaho Plant (Shoshone, ID), and the Corporate Headquarters/Plant (Hailey, ID).

The Rocky Mountain Hardware facility also nurtures a green mentality among the company’s employees.

Rocky Mountain Hardware stands behind a lifetime guarantee.

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Rocky Mountain Hardware
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