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Authentic Reclaimed Wood

Featuring a beautiful variety of authentically harvested wood grains sourced from turn-of-the-century barns in western Pennsylvania, to textile mills in Boston, and down to centuries old lumber yards in West Virginia, Reclaimed Wood reveals a striking patina from its previous incarnations. Every plank is uniquely characterized in wear and appearance, varying from knots and nail holes to saw marks and faded grains. SIENA Reclaimed Wood is not only naturally beautiful; but, reveals its history for truly authentic wood floors and walls.SIENA Reclaimed Wood is offered in three distinct looks: Rugged, Smooth, and Original Surface. The Rugged floor options retain all of the natural character inherent in the repurposed wood. Nail holes and dramatic saw marks bring out the personality of the material in its imperfections. Smooth flooring is achieved by planning the original surface, creating a more even surface, while retaining the inherent imperfections of reclaimed wood, then using six different finishes, each highlighting and emphasizing different aspects in the wood tones.


100% Post Consumer: LEED


Under $20 / square foot

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