Sequel Lift Desk by BDI

Lifting the standard for versatile workplace design, the Sequel LIFT DESK is an elegant solution for workers who are looking to add some flexibility to their workday. Fully adjustable in height, the beautifully designed and intelligently engineered Sequel LIFT raises the bar on the standard sit/stand desk

Designed by Matthew Weatherly, the Sequel LIFT DESK is available in two desktop sizes (Model 6051: 24” x 60”; Model 6052: 30” x 66”) and can be raised and lowered between 23.75” and 49.75”. The desk’s digital keypad enables up to four user-programmable presets. With the touch of a button, the desk’s powered leg system adjusts to the user’s preferred height – seated, standing or anywhere in-between.

In its standing positions, the Sequel LIFT DESK can support workers wanting the benefit of increased circulation in the legs, improved posture, and more mental focus and productivity. For tasks that require fine motor skills — such as writing or drafting — or deeper concentration, the desk can again be lowered for various sitting positions. This flexibility brings more efficiency to employees’ daily work tasks, and is proven to provide a healthier work solution.

From a design perspective, the Sequel LIFT DESK is thoughtfully engineered for today’s premier work spaces. Its timeless design pairs perfectly with other pieces in the Sequel Office Collection, which also includes mobile files and storage credenzas. These components are designed to be configured in a variety of ways, allowing the user to create his or her ideal workspace.


SEQUEL LIFT retails for $1,399 for Model 6051 (24”x60”) and $1,599 for Model 6052 (30”x66”) with an optional storage drawer for 6052 at $199.


Other key features of the Sequel LIFT DESK include:
• A micro-etched, black tempered glass top, which offers a smooth, fingerprint-resistant work surface
• A digital keypad which can be installed on the left or right of the desk for the user’s convenience
• A cable management system to keep wiring organized and out of sight
• An optional storage drawer (with model 6052 only)
• Compatibility with third-party monitor arms


For over 30 years, BDI has been driven by a passion for great design. Founded by Bill Becker in 1984, BDI is an industry leader in the categories of media and entertainment furniture, office solutions and modular systems. The collection is rounded out with complementary occasional tables, shelving and bar cabinets and carts. The company has built a reputation for designing beautiful furniture that innovates and elevates the consumer experience while seamlessly integrating technology into the home and workplace.

BDI’s designs are known for their intelligent design and innovative features, engineered to enhance the user’s everyday life. The company’s line of media furniture beautifully combines unique styling with integrated features such as hidden wheels, cable management and flow-through ventilation, designed to present and protect today’s demanding A/V components.

BDI’s office furniture offers versatile solutions for the home or workplace. Addressing the needs of today’s technologies, BDI blends great design and user-friendly features, allowing the user to create a workspace that is organized, efficient and inspiring.

BDI works with some of the industry’s leading furniture and industrial designers, bringing fresh ideas to the marketplace. BDI’s designers have been the recipients of such industry accolades as the ASFD Pinnacle Awards and the Edward Haimsohn Design Award by the Contemporary Design Group.

BDI’s products can be found at finer home furnishings and consumer electronics retailers throughout the US and Canada, as well as Italy, the UK, Greece, Russia and more.

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