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Painted & Sanded Foundry Maple

Salvaged from old factories and warehouses, Foundry Maple celebrates the aesthetics of our old American manufacturing facilities. Ranging from browns and golds to grey wood tones, each batch is painted and then sanded so that the color remains in the floors original distress marks. These distinctive markings are testament to the floor’s original hard-worn life. Limited quantities of each batch are available. Painted Foundry Maple can be created in any custom color to suit your design pallet.


Our Foundry Maple is reclaimed from industrial buildings throughout the USA. Our products are made here in the USA, in a way that’s healthy for you, our employees, and the environment. Our 13-acre NY facility is home to over 400 solar panels which help power our office. Our mill and kilns are heated 100% with our scrap wood. Pioneer Millworks is FSC chain of custody certified in three categories and Green America approved. All of our products are LEED point eligible




Contingent on order as each is custom.


Thicknesses from 3/4" to 1"; widths and lengths vary. One of the many reasons we love foundry maple is that each location we salvage it from has it’s own quirky character such as lengths as short as 6”. Whoever purchased and installed these floors were people after our own hearts… waste not, want not.

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