Large-capacity revolving doors GGR/GGV

Large-capacity revolving doors series GGR/GGV are used in: shopping centres airports furniture stores hospitals health and rehabilitation clinics hotels Features and advantages: Stylish and energy-saving solution when it comes to managing large quantities of people Elegant design combined with high functionality: the passage with shopping trolleys, baby carriages or wheelchairs is possible without any problem Versatile options and creative possibilities Fix and moving sensors provide a maximum degree of safety Tested and suitable for the use with escape and rescue routes Technical description: Turnstile 3 or 4 pivoted door leaves with 6 mm clear toughened glass Drum walls curved 9 mm clear laminated glass curved, smooth-surfaced panel (with 30 mm thermal insulation) Night locking espagnolette locks in the door leaves electromechanical locking unit for the turnstile manual or automatic night sliding doors running outside Drive fully automatic via radar including safeguard for primary and secondary closing edges, sensors and contact strips for heel protection, storm lock Surfaces RAL finish silver anodised colour anodised stainless steel 240 grid satin polished bright polished stainless steel Options halogen spot lights to be installed in the aluminium ceiling stainless steel floor ring (V2A) push button for disabled persons EMCO mat, coir matting roof outside the building waterproof further options on request

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