Deliver your major home appliances and more with a PowerMate® L-1 Stair Climbing Hand Truck!

The PowerMate® L-1 Stair Climbing Hand Truck is the ideal machine for safely moving loads up to 650 lbs. and can easily move appliances, residential AC units, hot water tanks, gas cylinders, geothermal units and furnaces, office machines and filing cabinets and countless other everyday loads that would otherwise take two or more people to move without a PowerMate®. PowerMate® safety lifting devices provide a range of advantages over non-powered hand trucks.

The PowerMate® L-1 Advantage

• Manufactured to high standards, extremely reliable machine. Provides excellent value for money as well as the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.
• Four machines in one: a powered stair climber; a powered tailgate lift; a loading dock leveler and a well-balanced dolly.
• A powerful labor saving device that can help reduce costs and contribute to profitability.
• Reduces property and product damage over other moving methods.
• Contributes to your image of professionalism.
• Backed by superior customer service and training.
• Contributes to jobsite safety, reduces injuries and claims.
• Reduces the physical effort to move heavy loads by 87%
• Heavy loads can be moved using half the labor.

The PowerMate® L-1 is manufactured to high standards with extruded aluminum and no welds to fail. The battery is the best performing in the industry, utilizing a state of the art charging system. The L-1 will move a 500 lb. load up and down 20 flights of stairs on a single charge! A typical battery life is 4 -7 years.
Every consideration was given to make your PowerMate® the most ergonomically friendly lifting device on the market. For example, the operator controls are strategically positioned on the top of the machine between the hand grips.

The PowerMate® L-1 has quality features unlike any other on the market. The L-1 has a hardened steel drive screw that is perfectly matched with the motor and battery to provide the best combination of strength, durability and efficiency. The spring lock safety device in the ball nut provides additional drive system security.

The wheels on a PowerMate® lift up and out of the way reducing the overall footprint of the machine – ideal in a tight spot like narrow stairwells and landings. This feature is also why you are able to break back the load with such relative ease; with the wheels out of the way, the effort to pull the load back onto the wheels is dramatically reduced. All PowerMate® stair climbers have this unique feature, including the L-1. Once the machine and load are back onto the wheels, you are now in a well-balanced position - with no effort required to keep the load that way! You can even let go of the machine at this point! Very handy on stairwells for example if you should have to open a door or even answer your phone. This is impossible with a regular hand truck and is a major advantage to owning a PowerMate®.

All PowerMate® machines are manufactured with solid state controls which reduce the draw on the battery adding to your daily operating life as well as extending the life of the battery overall. Another advantage of solid state controls (unique in the industry) is the "soft start" feature. This further increases safety by reducing sudden movements during start up resulting in the smoother operation of the machine. The new controls also make servicing and maintenance as easy as 1-2-3!

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PowerMate / L P International Inc.

L P International Inc. has developed a wide variety of lifting products including the PowerMate® line of motorized stair climbing handtrucks. The PowerMate® line of stair climbing hand trucks are recognized around the world for quality construction, durability and versatility. Their dedicated staff work hard to bring you, the customer, the best quality product available in the industry.


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