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Glimmer Candlestick

In the Glimmer series, Anna Ehrner merges the clarity and luster of glass with the decadence of gold. Each individual Glimmer product is hand-painted by expert artisans in the Swedish province of Småland. The shapes range from soft and round to bold stars. The shimmering gold pattern creates a harmonic, traditional Christmasy feeling with a new twist.

Over the centuries, the artists and craftsmen of Kosta Boda and Orrefors have not only embodied the distinctive folkways of Scandinavian design, but helped define those traditions. When you buy and give Kosta Boda or Orrefors, you're buying and giving history - a lineage of great design and craftsmanship that has endured for more than 260 years.

When the USA was established our company was nearly 50 years old. The original Kosta glassworks was born in 1742 as a partnership, the name an acronym from the partners' surnames: Anders KOskull and Georg Boglislaus STAël von Holstein. As Kosta grew and prospered, we helped grow an entire industry in Småland, Sweden's "Kingdom of Glass." In the 20th century, Kosta and neighboring glasshouses Åfors and Boda, were merged under a common owner. In 1976, we were renamed Kosta Boda.

In 1726 Lars Johan Silversparre built a furnace at "the beautiful river that flows into Lake Orrenas". It was given the name Orrefors which means the "Orre waterfall". The glassworks was built in 1898 to utilize spilled timber. Then in 1916 artists Simon Gate and Edward Hald laid the foundation for a vital tradition at Orrefors, in the form of close cooperation between skilled glassblowers and gifted designers.

The ambition for all glass from Kosta Boda and Orrefors is to achieve the highest possible quality and equisite design.

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