Laura Spector Rustic Design
Laura Spector is a designer and builder of rustic furnishings. Inspired by nature, and raised by a very French mother, she creates whimsical, one of a kind furnishings in the 18th Century, European Romantic tradition.

According to Barbara Israel, author and consultant to The Metropolitan Museum of Art, “Laura is the only contemporary artist working in this medium. She has mastered the technique of the uninterrupted line, creating works of classical symmetry from natural forms.”

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Address: 786 Westport Trpk
City: Fairfield
State: CT
Zip: 6824
Country: United States
Phone: (203) 254-3952
Laura Spector Rustic Design's Products
The Prelude bench
2018 Platinum Award
Art, Ecology and Design Laura Spector has returned from a 5-year hiatus with a new collection of organic seating . The Prelude bench,a ma ...
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Woodland Stairway
This whimsical and romantic stairway- sold in 6 foot units are handcrafted from sustainable oriental bittersweet vines. ...
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These handcrafted organic spheres are sure to get the party rolling. Available in diameters ranging from 2 to 6 feet, they were recently exh ...
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My Prerogative lamp
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Silhouette Console Lamps
Elegantly oblivious to adornment and ornament, the SILHOUETTE pares the organic form to its sculptural essence. Set on a cube of solid ha ...
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In The Loop
Gather outdoors and grab an extra seat. Prop your feet ‚¬â€or your drink. Rainyday? Bring it inside, turn it around, and stash your ...
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Echo Nightstands
2009 Platinum Award
Set exactly the right tone with the eclectic elegance of the Echo nightstands. Embracing a marriage of styles, the pair is a harmonious unio ...
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Cascade Stairway
Descending Laura Spector's fanciful rustic stairway is like walking onto a set for Midsummer's Night Dream. With its uninterrupted lines a ...
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Echo Quintet drawer pulls
If god is in the details If sound was gifted shape Then art would be nature And echo her muse The ECHO QUINTET elevates the humble drawe ...
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