Arper S.P.A.
Arper is an Italian company producing and distributing office, home and contract sector furniture worldwide. With an annual turnover of over 53 million Euros in 2013, 120 employees and huge future development potential, Arper is fulfilling an entrepreneurial project dating to 1989 that grew out of leather workshop founded by Luigi Feltrin, the company President.
The creativity and passion of the founder together with the research and innovation promoted by his sons Mauro and Claudio – now company Managing Director - are the qualities distinguishing a company offering interdisciplinary expertise and strong organisational and managerial skills.

At the end of the 1990s, Arper launched an industrial project that took the company into the design field and led to the use of new materials and technologies and a marked change in scale. The encounter with the Lievore Altherr Molina design firm was another important milestone for Arper resulting in a fruitful collaboration leading to a series of new products that would turn out to be classics. They include the collection of Catifa chairs which are available in 5 different versions and have sold over a million units since 2001.

Arper has called upon other leading international designers to create its chairs, tables, sofas, stools and small armchairs. Jean-Marie Massaud, Simon Pengelly, Ichiro Iwasaki, James Irvine, Antti Kotilainen and Rodolfo Dordoni, have all brought their different cultural backgrounds, thoughts and languages into the company while interpreting the distinctive Arper style: a sleek, sophisticated, contemporary style assuming timeless universal forms capable of fitting perfectly into all settings.

Although Arper products resemble spontaneous creations obtained without any apparent effort, they are all the result of rigorous mix of technology, costs, materials, function, use and taste. Environmental quality and sustainability together with the use of low-emitting recyclable materials are the cornerstones of Arper’s production policy. This is why in 2005 Arper set up an environmental team dedicated to controlling and managing product environmental impact from cradle to grave. Arper's environmental commitment has led to ISO 14001 certification and use of the LCA - Life Cycle Assessment - method. Various Arper products have received leading international certification including EPD, GreenGuard, GECA, and Greenstar.

Arper collections are distributed via an international sales network and displayed in single-brand showrooms situated in strategic cities worldwide: Milan, London, Cologne, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Oslo, Copenhagen, New York, Chicago and Dubai.

Since 2012, all of Arper collections have been also displayed in the in-house showroom, inside the company’s headquarters in Monastier di Treviso.

Arper S.P.A.

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Via Lombardia, 16 Monastier Treviso 31050 Italy
+39 0422 791847
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Arper at Orgatec 2014 - international trade fair for Office and Facility. Modern working environments
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Article October 10, 2014
Arper, the Italian design furniture company, will display its products at Orgatec 2014, the international trade fair dedicated to contemporary work spaces, which will be held in Cologne from 21 to 25 October.
Today, office work has changed. Technology has expanded the way we work, freeing us from the strict impositions of time and space and encouraging the search for new solutions for the workplace. Spaces where we can concentrate and spaces where we can collaborate should be able to blend, ensuring privacy when needed, and promoting visibility and interaction when a job requires it. Similarly, those who experience workspaces have changed. Most of all, we want environments that reflect who we are. We want our surroundings to go beyond function alone, we require spaces that support a holistic life. We need tools that are as adaptable as we are.
Arper's approach in achieving its projects has always been very attentive to the notion of soft contract, intended as the ability to come up with furnishing solutions that can best interpret today's ways of living and working, whose confines are increasingly blurred.
In the belief that the combination of beauty and flexibility traditionally used in residential environments can also work in public contexts, Arper interprets today's ever-changing face of the workplace, introducing at Orgatec its new collections dedicated to the office world, both inside and outside its traditional boundaries.
Versatile, light and essential products, where natural comfort is achieved thanks to invisible, advanced technology.
The chairs Kinesit and Catifa Sensit, along with the Cross table, are perfectly fitted to Arper's DNA. They are aesthetically refined and essential; intelligent because they are designed to respect regulations without being ! driven by them; versatile and functional because they include many versions which are further extendable by customization and, overall, holistic because they are conceived to meet and anticipate the people's needs.
New products.
Kinesit, designed by the Lievore Altherr Molina Studio in Barcelona, is Arper's first office chair that is one hundred-percent compliant with regulatory requirements.
Light and minimal in design, the chair seat and back are fully adjustable allowing it to conform to individual body types for optimal comfort, even during more time consuming projects.
The chair features a built-in mechanism hidden discreetly under the seat that provides synchronized movement and seat height command. An invisible, adjustable lumbar support is concealed within the backrest's thin frame to give additional flexibility and comfort.
Kinesit Chair is available in three seatback heights and a range of bases, and with or without armrests for a range of possibilities. A wide selection of upholstery fabrics and leathers in Arper's full range of colors, textures and tones, or in the standard mesh covering, make Kinesit Chair customizable to diverse design applications and interior spaces.
Catifa Sensit is seamless elegance. It offers the comfort of a traditional office task chair without the bulk of visible technology. An integrated mechanism in the back of the chair synchronizes movement, allowing it to seamlessly incline, relieving pressure on the lower back and offering full ergonomic support. The Catifa Sensit Chair is an enduring contemporary silhouette re-imagined for both home and work environments.
Soft yet supportive, Catifa Sensit is available in three backrest heights and with or without upholstered or aluminum armrests making its design harmonious with diverse interior environments. Available in a chair or lounge version, Catifa Sensit's serene gesture lends quiet grace to contemporary, adaptable workspaces and meeting rooms, signaling timeless sophistication without sacrificing comfort.
Adaptable, open and generous, the Cross table is equally suited for the boardrooms, residential spaces or for collaborative work environments. Thanks to optional configuration arrangements it can serve as a temporary meeting ground for group gatherings or a communal work station with room enough to share.
The table's substantial length, both minimal and architectural, features a sturdy structure with ample space to create. A central outlet allows computers to plug in accommodating the ever-changing needs of the dynamic, contemporary office. Cross offers a flexible, supportive workspace with sleek, consummate style.
Cross is available in many different configurations for work, for home, for creativity. Optional lighting systems make Cross Table adaptable to any environments and any needs.
Arper at Orgatec 2014
21 - 25 October, 2014
Pavilion 10.2, booth J-019-K-019
Innovationspreis Architektur+Office
The Kinesit and Catifa Sensit chairs have been entered in the competition for the Innovationspreis Architektur + Office award.
The competition is organized by the architecture journals AIT and Xia Intelligent Architektur in partnership with GKT - German company whose mission is the dissemination of know-how in architecture and construction and in collaboration with the Cologne Trade Fair. All products entered in the competition will be displayed from 21 to 25 October 2014 in the pavilion 11.2, booth number A81. The awards ceremony will take place on site on October 21, 2014 at 5pm.
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