Oso Industries
Address: 647 Myrtle Avenue #1
City: Brooklyn
State: NY
Zip: 11205
Country: United States
Phone: (347) 365-0389
Website: http://www.osoindustries.com
Oso Industries's Products
Open Roller
2017-18 Nominee
The Open Roller is the newest member of our Roller family, with curving, angled openings to create a super functional table, chair, ottoman, ...
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Rolling bookshelves for powerH
Rolling bookshelves designed as a variation of the LP Roller for powerHouse Books in Brooklyn. ...
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Custom 6 ft. dining table
2.5 inch thick concrete top on a brushed aluminum base. Designed with Suzan Globus for Globus Design. ...
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4 Piece Coffee Table
Concrete coffee table cast in four pieces, designed by and executed for William McIntosh Design ...
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3 Section Coffee Table
Three section coffee table for Manhattan apartment, designed by and executed for William McIntosh Design ...
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Reception desks
Custom nesting concrete reception desks on wheels for powerHouse Books ...
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Manhattan restaurant
Manhattan restaurant featuring a 50 linear foot countertop cast in place without a seam ...
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Brooklyn kitchen
Brooklyn kitchen with 12 ft. countertop cast in place ...
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Queens bathroom
9 ft. long Queens bathroom counter with integrally cast sink. Designed with Kim Nadel for Niche Design ...
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