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Warmup Inc. is the North American arm of Warmup Plc., England's leading manufacturer of electric underfloor heating systems for tiles, laminate, stone, carpet, finished concrete and wood floors. Warmup heating systems have been designed with simplicity in mind, using the latest technology to deliver a quality product at exceptional value.
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How To Find & Fix a Floor Heating System
Written by: Warmup Inc
Article So what do a TDR (Time Domain Reflectometer) and a Hound Dog have in common? They are both used to sniff out their prey; they just go about it differently. So how does a TDR meter “sniff” out a short or break in your underfloor radiant heating product? Basically, it sends an electrical pulse into the connected cable, traveling along the cable until it reaches the fault and then that pulse is sent back to the TDR. The time it took for that pulse to reach the fault and travel back is measured and converted to a distance reading that will appear on the TDR Meter. One of the many benefits of under floor electric heating is that it is virtually maintenance free. No moving parts to replace and your heating source is safely embedded in cementitious material beneath your floor covering providing some serious protection. The only time you might encounter an issue is during the initial installation process. For example, we recently helped troubleshoot an issue with an underfloor electric radiant system that was not performing correctly. Turns out that there had been some minor damage done to the wire during installation and on top of that, the 120V heating system was connected to a 240V circuit. Not recommended by the way. By overpowering the heating wire, that area with slight damage turned into a problem spot. As illustrated below, by using the TDR meter, the short was located and repaired without removing much of the flooring. For more detailed information on how you would use a TDR meter to troubleshoot those rare, but occasional issues involving a short or break in your floor heating system, check http://www.warmup.com/blog/us/2014/06/27/how-to-find-fix-a-floor-heating-system/
Warmup, Inc.'s Products
The 4iE thermostat by Warmup
2015 Gold Award
Warmup’s market leading research and development and our work with real-world households across the World gives us a unique insight into h ...
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3iE Energy Monitor Thermostat
2012 Platinum Award
Available exclusively from Warmup, the 3iE™ is the world’s first fully interactive, touch technology, energy monitor thermostat ...
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Foil Heater
2011 Platinum Award
Introducing Warmup® Foil Heaters for carpets & floors. No thin-set required! You can now heat under laminate, carpet and floating floors ...
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Warmup‚ Underlamiante Carbon
2007 Platinum Award
Award-winning Warmup ®, a leading global supplier of electric underfloor heating products, manufactures an extensive range of electric u ...
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Warmup Insulation Backer Board
2005-6 Nominee
Warmup's waterproof insulation backer boards are made of extruded polystyrene with a fiberglass mesh embedded on each face into a cement pol ...
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Warmup Dual Wire Mat Radiant H
2006 Platinum Award
Warmup's new range of heating mats, in varying lengths, is designed to make installation in larger areas quick and easy. The USDW-M Series ...
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Warmup Loose Cable Heating Sys
2005-6 Nominee
Warmup's new loose heater wire is constructed using a thin, dual-core element insulated with ETFE**. Designed for tile and natural stone app ...
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