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Since 1988, MTI has earned a reputation for impeccable quality, innovation, unique customization for air baths, whirlpools and soaking baths in over a 150 models in a variety of colors with endless options. MTI offers a line of sinks, shower bases, glass enclosures and bath furniture. Design Expertise. MTI has an in-house design team that is experienced in working with world-class architects, designers, developers and hotel chains to develop top-quality bath products based on the requirements of the project. Proudl  ...  
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MTI Baths Counter-Sinks Bring the Luxury of A Five Star Experience Home.
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Article (Sugar Hill GA - November 10, 2014) An emerging new trend of adding Beverage Centers is captivating home design around the nation. Consumers are drawn to easy, open spaces for entertaining. And while the kitchen has been the hub of entertainment, beverage centers are now emerging in many different parts of the home. MTI Baths embraces this new trend with its selection of ingenious, customizable Counter-Sinks.

Part of MTI's design-savvy Boutique Collection, the new integrated Counter-Sink gracefully connects the sink and countertop in a minimal, seamless look. Nowadays compact sinks are not only being used for prep or bar areas but are being incorporated into bedrooms, guest rooms, home dens, wine cellars and anywhere a bit of hospitality is in demand. Adding a beverage center creates a welcome space to mingle and prepare drinks. And Counter-Sinks from MTI can take any room design from standard to inviting. Perfect for an island, peninsula or any small space where functionality is vital, MTI Baths' new Counter-Sinks feed the desire for simplicity while seamlessly fitting into the most elegant of designs. The Counter-Sinks allow you to wipe spills from the countertop right into the sink for ease in cleaning, making maintenance a breeze.

MTI Counter-Sinks also allow complete customization and solve many design challenges because they are extremely versatile. The length, width, deck height and bowl placement can be customized to any specification. Additionally, custom colors and designs are available for projects, even furthering the level of complete customization. And MTI will ship in 15 business days.

Like all products in MTI's Boutique Collection, the Counter-Sink is also sustainable, being constructed of MTI's proprietary Engineered Solid Stone™ (ESS)*, a mixture of natural ground minerals and high-performance resins that are liquefied, poured and then hardened. The result is what looks and feels like molded stone. ESS is 100% solid through and through, with no hollow spots, voids or surface coating. It is a non-porous material that is not only beautiful, but extremely easy to maintain. Approximately 65% of the material is organic, and the company utilizes a resin of combined renewable bio-derived and / or recycled content, all of which makes MTI's ESS material quite "Green". MTI Baths' Counter-Sinks allow complete customization.
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