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Zenith is the world's premier shower rod manufacturer. Our innovative designs accommodate virtually any decorative or functional use. We offer a variety of finishes, patterns and designs with our patented Twist-Tight® technology. Zenith also offers a wide variety of shower curtain liners and matching hooks, rings and bath mats.
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Lightweight aluminum shower rods and caddies are lifetime-guaranteed not to rust
Written by: Greg Bonsib
Article Zenith Products Corp. (ZPC), a leading producer of bathroom décor, furniture and fixtures, introduces a new line of shower products guaranteed not to rust. ZPC’s patented NeverRust™ Shower Rods and Caddies are made of lightweight yet strong, durable aluminum. The products have launched at home centers, department stores and specialty retailers and online. “Customers have asked for bath products that don’t rust, and we’re pleased to be the first to deliver with our NeverRust™ aluminum Shower Rods and Caddies,” said Gino Biondi, ZPC vice president. “No other products offer a lifetime guarantee against rust and are as durable and easy to install.” At ZPC’s Manhattan-based showroom, aluminum bathroom product innovations are attracting the attention of interior designers and retailers. “It’s a great way to affordably transform a bathroom,” said Courtney Vagliardo, ZPC design director of fashion bath. “You can install a new shower rod, rings and caddy in minutes. Add a distinctive shower curtain and bath towels in fresh colors, and you’ve quickly and inexpensively refreshed your bathroom!” The NeverRust™ finishes come in satin nickel, oil-rubbed bronze and chrome to match existing fixtures. The aluminum construction is incredibly strong yet lightweight. The rods are easy to install because they’re tension mounted and require no extra hardware or tools. Permanent mount rods are also available. Because the rods are lightweight, they’re less cumbersome to install than heavier steel rods. The patented tension-based design ensures the rods hold even heavy shower curtains and wet towels. “And you don’t have to worry about rust ever again,” Vagliardo said. The NeverRust™ product line includes tension straight, curved, single and double rods with decorative endcaps. The NeverRust™ tension single curved rods provide six extra inches of elbow room and adjust from 58 to 72 inches to fit most showers and baths. Watch the video of the tension-curved rod: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UH7P7u-E8yw. Why NeverRust™ aluminum Bathroom products are usually made with steel or low-grade stainless steel to keep price points down, but these products still end up rusting. ZPC research found that the No. 1 consumer complaint with bathroom products is rusting, which occurs with steel-based shower rods, rings and caddies, resulting in rust stains and poor appearance. “Aluminum is a naturally occurring, recyclable metal that does not rust. It’s used to make everything from airplanes to bicycles – the kinds of high-tech, high-end items that need to be strong, lightweight, perform and last in wet environments. Until recently, aluminum wasn’t as affordable as other materials for household items,” said Joe Vaccaro, ZPC design director. “Aluminum technology has become more affordable in the last five years, and we’re pleased to leverage the technology in bath products.” In addition to function, people want form. “Consumers demand style – designs and finishes that fit with their tastes and lifestyles – and aluminum beautifully delivers,” Vagliardo said. NeverRust™ products’ prices are comparable to steel-based products and are available at http://www.zenith-products.com/.
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