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UltraVista Systems™ began as a collaboration between the creative team of Leslie Pringle and Richard Green. This is the continuation of a partnership which began in Hollywood in 1989 with their formation of Wildfire Inc. and continued in 1997 with the formation of UV/FX. Pringle and Green have been committed to the development of Ultraviolet based special effects, Ultraviolet Scenery, Ultraviolet Lighting and the development of UV activated materials since the beginning. This 25 ye  ...  
Address: 171 Pier Ave.
City: Santa Monica
State: CA
Zip: 90405
Country: United States
Phone: (310) 980-3338
Website: http://www.ultravistasystems.com
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Radically New Sign System Allows Brands And More To Be Seen in A Whole New Light
Written by: Richard Green
Article From the people who created the entertainment industries first powerful UV (UltraViolet) based effects and powerful UV lighting in the late 1980's, the first day to night, dual image and complete invisible scenery and scenic effects in the mid 1990's, now comes the next generation of UV based signage. Welcome to the latest venture from Ultra Vista Systems.... interior signage for brands in need of serious attention! The first product in a series of planned products is ISIS 3D (The Illuminated Suspended Image System). ISIS 3D promised to go down as one of the most unique and remembered sign system in many years. It's a unique, transparent, 3D look is coupled with a light emanating design. This sign systems allows for glowing brand names, logos and art to shine in a slim, lightweight profile that has never before possible before. UltraVista Systems is the latest collaboration between Leslie Pringle and Richard Green, a collaboration that began in the 1988 when they brought Wildfire over from Europe, still continues with the scenic magic of UV/FX (UVFX.com) and begins again with their most ambitious colaboration yet, Ultra Vista Systems (UltraVistaSystems.com), a way to show brands and lots more, in a whole new light! For Entertainment, Architectural and Retail Projects Worldwide.
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Ultra Vista Systems's Products
BrandFX 3D
2015 Platinum Award
The lightweight, low voltage, illuminated new sign system from UltraVista Systems ...
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FanFx 3D
2015 Gold Award
The new lightweight version of our illuminated, low voltage interior sign system ...
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Ultra Vista Systems's Projects:
Blu E Cigs POP Display
A sample of UltraVista Systems New Lightweight, Low Voltage, 3D, Transparent Sign System ...
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Corona Beery Brand Sign
A sample of our new Lightweight, Transparent, Low Voltage, 3D Sign System ...
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