Weisbeck Design
Address: PO Box 702
City: Honeoye
State: NY
Zip: 14471
Country: United States
Phone: (585) 993-8818
Website: http://www.weisbeckdesign.com
Weisbeck Design's Products
Celebration of Diversity
2017-18 Nominee
“Celebration of Diversity” would be a joyful, vibrant, colorful and jubilant statement of the positive assets of global diversity. A mod ...
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Sailboat, Monarch of the Seas
2016-17 Nominee
Sailboat sculpture, stylized, contemporary 12 foot tall sailboat in red white and blue stainless steel with silver stainless steel Art Deco ...
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The Sentinel
2016-17 Nominee
Stainless steel "Sentinel" sculpture. 10 feet tall. 6 inches wide. Exterior/interior. Reclaimed wood base. ...
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ART SIGNAGE by Weisbeck
2016 Platinum Award
A completely new concept in directional signs, wayfinding and corporate branding created by international award winning sculptor Mark Weisbe ...
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Visibility Unlimited, Wall Scu
2016 Platinum Award
Mark Weisbeck, Weisbeck Design. "Visibility Unlimited." 3-D wall mounted sculpture of 50's modern vintage streamlined airplane h ...
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