The Fire Company
Address: 10 Apollo Street
City: Warriewood
Zip: 2102 NSW
Country: Australia
The Fire Company's Products
The XL900 is the longest linear burner available and provides a long lasting, vibrant orange flame. With a seamless blend of function and be ...
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The 1200SS Firebox sports the XL900 burner, the longest of our linear burners, along with a windscreen that appears to float in front of the ...
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Stix is a clean burning interpretation of a classic campfire that is stylish enough to be used indoors and strong enough to withstand the el ...
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MIX Fire Bowls
Mix Fire Bowls add a sculptural element to any outdoor space. Made of sturdy but lightweight composite concrete, the Mix is strong enough to ...
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Solstice combines the warmth of a glowing fire with the convenience of a functional tabletop in a compact form. At 40” (1000mm) square, So ...
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Equinox is made from an easy to maintain concrete composite that is light enough to allow for flexibility yet durable enough for long-term u ...
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Handcrafted to ensure a smooth and consistent finish, Flo’s high-performance concrete tabletop is complemented by a 36” (914mm) linear f ...
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Loop calls to mind a relaxing seaside escape. From its unique combination of materials - textured, nautical rope paired with a smooth concre ...
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