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Fuchsia 6 Inch x 25 Yards Glimmer Tulle Fabric - Favor Crew
6 inch x 25 Yards bolt of fuchsia glimmer tulle on Favorcrew. Wholesale prices for each product and fast shipping within 48 hours.


$ 20.68


6" x 25 Yards glimmer tulle fabric

Premium quality & pure nylon tulle

Sold & priced by bolt

Perfect for make a bridal veils and bridal dress

Our product has a shimmer and sophisticated look

Compliance with CPSIA requirement on lead substances

Not flame retardant

Fast shipping within 2 days
Favor Crew
Address: 1951 lynx ave
City: Ontario
State: CA
Zip: 91761
Country: United States
Phone: (201) 710-3265
Website: http://www.favorcrew.com
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