swimming pool enclosure manufacturer
polycarbonate hollow sheet
Equinox is made from an easy to maintain concrete composite that is light enough to allow for flexibility yet durable enough for long-term use in residential and commercial settings alike. Available in a natural concrete finish with your choice of burner system (bioethanol, natural gas or propane).


When fueled by clean burning e-NRG Bioethanol, Equinox produces zero harmful emissions - no smoke, no soot, no ash! Bioethanol is a renewable resource and when burned emits only heat, steam, and carbon dioxide.


$3,595 (MSRP)


Equinox’s modular design can be extended to any length by using its modular counterparts - Solstice or Horizon to increase the surface area making it a fun accent for parties and gatherings.
The Fire Company
Address: 10 Apollo Street
City: Warriewood
Zip: 2102 NSW
Country: Australia
Website: http://www.ecosmartfire.com/en/home
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