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Exotic Veneer Cabinets from Dura Supreme
Dura Supreme offers four exotic veneers for cabinetry; Bamboo, Zebrawood, Vertical Grain Fir and White Oak. Available for two door styles, these exotic veneers are ideally suited for contemporary design themes that are popular today

According to Karen Wistrom, ASID, VP of Marketing for Dura Supreme, “Sleek door styles and consistent color and grain, are vital to creating the popular contemporary and urban loft design themes. Each of these four species offers a very unique look that will appeal to a variety of tastes. Zebrawood makes a very strong, contemporary statement, while White Oak and Fir are more sleek and subtle. Bamboo is certainly a popular urban look and is a recognized environmentally sustainable species.”

Zebrawood, White Oak and Fir are considered “engineered” veneers which means they are made from sustainable wood species that are in abundant supply. The engineered veneers are created using a rotary lathe to peel the log, and then the veneers are dyed to create a desirable color. The individual veneers are stacked and glued into a large block of wood, and then re-sliced to create the desired color, pattern and texture. The result is a real wood veneer with a very consistent, uniform color and grain pattern which is ideal for contemporary styling.

Bamboo veneers are created from real bamboo. They are sliced to showcase a narrow stave, and steamed to create a warm brown tone. Bamboo is an extremely fast-growing grass, reaching full maturity in 5-7 years. Considered a rapidly renewable resource, bamboo plants regenerate from the same stalk in only 3-7 years.

These beautiful and unique veneers are available now from Dura Supreme. Contact your local authorized Dura Supreme Showroom to see the entire product offering, wood species and finish colors.


Dura Supreme is certified under the Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP) administered by the independent KCMA (Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association). Dura Supreme has achieved certification by demonstrating our commitment to sound environmental management and sustainable practices. ESP certification is achieved by demonstrating compliance within the following 5 categories:
1. Air Quality (including compliance with approved formaldehyde emission levels for panel materials)
2. Product Resource Management
3. Process Resource Management
4. Environmental Stewardship
5. Community Relations
Formaldehyde is a chemical compound widely used in glues and binding agents and has been known to create certain health risks in excessive amounts. Since 1980, regulations and awareness have reduced emissions in building products by over 80%. Panel products used by Dura Supreme meets the stringent standards set for formaldehyde emissions established by ANSI/HPVA HP-1 and CARB (California Air Resource Board).
We work closely with our finish supplier to formulate our finishes to minimize their impact on the environment, without sacrificing quality and durability. Our catalyzed conversion varnish sealers and topcoats are formulated to be extremely low in HAPs and formaldehyde. We conform to stringent emissions standards for VOCs. Our finish quality and durability is one of the many reasons we can stand behind our cabinetry with a lifetime limited warranty.
Ventilation and filtering systems within our finish system ensure safe indoor and outdoor air quality. Dust collection systems ensure clean, dust-free air throughout the factory.
To learn more, go to:


See your local Dura Supreme Showroom for pricing. To find a showroom near you, go to:


To request a free brochure packet from Dura Supreme, go to:
Dura Supreme Cabinetry
For over 50 years, professional kitchen designers from coast to coast have looked to Dura Supreme for cabinetry that fulfills their customer’s desire for personalized design choices and outstanding quality of construction. For most homeowners, designing a new kitchen is a once-in-a-lifetime endeavor and it involves one of the most important areas of your home. We recognize the magnitude of that decision and we are honored to be entrusted with your kitchen project.

Dura Supreme was founded in Minnesota by Donald Stotts in the 1950s with a vision of delivering outstanding value along with outstanding design choices in hand-crafted cabinetry. Perhaps it’s our Midwestern work ethic and our “Minnesota Nice” approach to customer satisfaction that has ensured the success of that vision as Dura Supreme quickly gained recognition throughout the region and across the country.

Fifty years and ten facility expansions later, Dura Supreme now employs over 400 people at our 220,000 square foot manufacturing facility located west of Minneapolis. Company President, Keith Stotts (son of the original founder) continues to lead the company based on the guiding principles of quality and innovation that were established from the beginning.

There have been a lot of changes over the years. Dura Supreme is heavily invested in state-of-the-art, computerized equipment, machinery and finishing systems to provide the perfect balance of precision, quality and value. And yet the true cabinetmaker’s craft has a home here as well – dovetail joinery, hand-turned posts, hand-applied finishes and unique, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces crafted by hand. For you, this means you have the creative freedom to create the kitchen of your dreams without breaking your budget.

Dura Supreme is backed by a limited LIFETIME warranty – your assurance of exemplary quality and a solid investment.

Learn more at:
Address: 300 Dura Drive
City: Howard Lake
State: MN
Zip: 55349
Country: United States
Phone: (320) 543-3872
Fax: (800) 242-3872
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Dura Supreme Cabinetry
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