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Philips Luminous Patterns
Philips Luminous Patterns is a connected lighting system that integrates decorative patterns of LED light into interior architectural surfaces. These embedded LED light patterns bring brilliance, warmth and sparkle into traditionally ‘’mute’’ architectural surfaces. Philips Luminous Patterns provides a new method for architects to create innovative and eye-catching designs, using light as an architectural material. We have created Philips Luminous Patterns with a choice of customizable light effects.
• Round sparkling – a decorative optic that creates a brilliant effect
• Linear sparkling – a decorative optic that creates a brilliant effect in various lengths
• 2D graphic – custom graphic shapes can be cut into the panels, with internal backlighting
• 3D graphic – custom graphic shapes can be cut into the panels and shaped to create distinctive 3-dimensional shapes with elegant plays of light and shadow
• Brilliant graphic - sparkling LEDs create a shimmering crystalline glow that appears to move


Philips Luminous Patterns system is energy-efficient. Our light points consume little energy – ¼ watt per each Round sparkling light node. An entire Philips Luminous Patterns wall compares to a 60w bulb.


Pricing naturally depends on the size of the application and would vary depending on the size, number of light points, finish options, etc. A large wall like the “Sparkling Horizon” prototype would have a customer price around $12-15k depending on options.
Philips Lighting
Philips Lighting is dedicated to enhancing life with light. We are committed to introducing transformative technologies that enhance our customers’ health and well-being. Philips Lighting is leading the technology revolution with innovation across the digital lighting value chain. Our wide range of offerings, whether it be components or light sources, luminaires and controls, or total lighting solutions and services, customers can trust Philips to deliver innovation that is as impactful as it is progressive.
Address: 200 Franklin Square Drive
City: Somerset
State: NJ
Zip: 8873
Country: United States
Phone: (732) 563-3000
Website: http://www.lighting.philips.com/main/products/onespace
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Philips Lighting
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