Invue Arbor Collection

Platinum Award
Designed to create seamless architectural transitions from site to building applications across an entire outdoor area campus setting, the family of post top, bollard and wall-mounted architectural luminaires feature Eaton’s award-winning and patented WaveStreamTM LED technology. The luminaires offer an architectural organic luminaire design for area and pedestrian applications, while delivering precise optical control and an attractive pixilation-free performance, compared to typical HID options and other LED product solutions.

The WaveStream LED optical platform with laser precise AccuAimTM technology provides quality site and area distributions normally not available in a reduced glare solution. Eaton’s WaveStream™ LED optical technology manages luminaire nighttime brightness, removing the objectionable LED pixilated images we see today with current lighting fixtures, while maintain high luminaire efficiency. The optical waveguide is manufactured using precision injection molded acrylic for the ultimate level of glare control and visual comfort.

Symmetric and asymmetric distributions are available offered standard in 4000K (+/- 275K) CCT or optional 3000K minimum 80 CRI. The family features multiple control options.

Design Narrative:
The Arbor collection is best suited for ground level, wayfinding lighting applications where products are located at human scale dimensions to create an intimacy with the environment. As a design element, the family provides meaningful architectural dayform bearing a similarity to nature where connections are seamless and symmetry is unregimented. It reflects the role of nature and the desire to stay connected in a more organic urban environment. Its appearance presents a subtle irregularity from differing viewpoints. This creates the stunning effect of an unregimented symmetry that occurs in nature.


Advanced LED WaveStream Technology


-Next Generation Luminaires (NGL) Outdoor Competition
-LIGHTFAIR INTERNATIONAL Innovation Awards - Citation Award
-IES Progress Report Acceptance
-Plant Engineering Product of the Year - Finalist


Post Top
The Invue Arbor post top brings architectural style to area/site and pedestrian scale applications. Its dayform appearance brings a desired organic look into the urban environment. WaveStream LED optics provide a uniform pixilation-free image, managing glare while providing high levels of visibility. The post top provides superior visual uniformity and pole spacing, with efficacies in excess of 105 lm/W. The product is available in type II, III and IV asymmetric and type V symmetric NEMA distributions.

Arbor Bollard
The Invue Arbor Bollard brings architectural style to the pedestrian level. The Arbor Bollard can be used along with Arbor post top luminaires to provide a coordinated look to enhance any architectural setting. WaveStream LED optics present a pixilation-free image replacing visible glare, while providing high levels of pavement illumination. The bollard features a two-piece cast aluminum high quality housing and extruded aluminum body.

Arbor Wall Sconce
The Invue Arbor Wall Sconce can be installed along with the Arbor post top and bollard luminaires to provide a unique coordinated look enhancing any architectural or pedestrian setting. WaveStream™ LED optics eliminate the LED pixelated image and reduces visible glare providing high levels of visibility. Three-piece, IP66 rated, low copper, cast aluminum top maintains strength and precision providing for: rapid heat dissipation, vandal resistance and superior dayform. External hardware and casting seams are minimized to enhance appearance.


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