ClassicStyle & SleekVision Luminaires with ClearGuide Technology

Platinum Award
Now you can enjoy high-performing, energysaving LED technology without worrying about the harsh glare or pixelization that can occur with
LED luminaires.
With the full, comfortable glow
of new Philips Lumec ClassicStyle & SleekVision Luminaires featuring ClearGuide Technology, you can breathe new life into nighttime city spaces, strengthen a community bond, and enhance a sense of security throughout the night.
These state-of-the-art outdoor urban post top and bollard luminaires use a revolutionary, unique, vertically-oriented light engine that creates transparency during the day; while
at night, the center comes to life with full illumination, and free from the glare typically found in standard LED technologies.


Revolutionary new and exclusive LED light engine we call ClearGuide.
Other dimming and controls options allow for additional energy savings alternatives.


Post Tops range from $1050 - $1250 and up depending on options
Bollards range from $736 - $830 and up depending upon options


This family consist of two distinct offerings. ClassicStyle is the more classical/retro style while SleekVision is more contemporary. Both include Post Tops and complimentary bollards.

Lumec by Signify


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