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MPulse Architectural Outdoor Lighting
Gold Award
Saturn Wall Sconce
The Saturn wall sconce is precision machined from 6063-T6 aluminum and is architecturally anodized for superior resistance to fading and corrosion. The low-profile design produces light levels of a much larger fixture in a very small envelope. Available in 3" round, 3" square and 1.5" round sizes. 6" square or round back plates cover a standard 4x4 junction box. Illumitex LEDs produce industry leading CBCP and beam angle to field angle ratios.


Illumitex patented LEDs deliver up to 90% of the light in the beam angle leaving almost no wasted light or energy.


$430.00 to $650.00


Multiple color temperatures and LED colors. Up and down or up/down only light direction. Very low profile and small size with incredible light output.
Illumitex, Inc.
Illumitex has radically transformed traditional LED design and greatly increased functionality with the creation of an LED package that emits light in a uniform, highly-precise beam directly from the source. The result: with die-level optical integration, the need for cumbersome and inefficient secondary optics to control light is obsolete, opening the world to more versatile and energy efficient lighting applications than ever before imagined. For the horticulture industry, Illumitex LEDs deliver custom-spectra photons directly and uniformly on plants, allowing growers to produce plants in less time and with less energy.
Address: 5307 Industrial Oaks Blvd.
City: Austin
State: TX
Zip: 78735
Country: United States
Phone: (512) 279-5020
Website: http://www.illumitex.com
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Illumitex, Inc.
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