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Ttris shelves
Modluar shelves inspired on the 1980's video game Tetris.
These shelves are designed to be moved or rotated in numerous directions as desired.
Design simplified to its basics state, using geometrical shapes and emphasizing the wide variety of patterns and layouts that can be created by the user.
Manufacturing is simple and low cost, what
translate on an approchable product for
everybody at an affordable market price.
The Ttris shelves are a social experiment! If I
provide the same shelves to three different
people and ask them to organize them on a
white wall, I see three completely different
looks. These shelves allow clients to show
their own unique style and personality.
Nine different shapes and 5 colours compose
the Ttris collection, giving a vast array of


Locally made


from $150 to $185 CAD. Depending on the shelf.
Arostegui Studio
Address: 555 Hillside Avenue
City: Victoria
State: BC
Zip: V8T 1Y8
Country: Canada
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