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The ZBK35 Series
The transitional ZBK35 series knob is available in five decorative finishes, from contemporary to traditional. In addition to being a part of the Campana Suite, this knob is also a good match for the Metro Collection and can also be easily paired with any of Cliffside's contemporary or modern lines.
Cliffside Industries
Every business’ story begins with a dream – a vision for what might be. The story of Cliffside Industries is no different. In 1987, founder Walter Zaleskie dreamt of a bold creation: the kitchen and bath industry’s first company dedicated solely to the supply and distribution of decorative cabinetry hardware.

Leveraging his fifteen years of experience in the kitchen industry, Walter struck out across the world in search of the finest suppliers for decorative hardware, establishing contacts with craftspeople across Europe and Asia. The first idea was simple: a clean and serviceable piece of cabinet hardware, both timeless and multi-purpose. That concept inspired the knob we know today as the 100-PB: Cliffside’s first item, the one that “started it all”.

Walter added more finishes and more shapes of knobs, handles, and bin pulls to his collection of hardware to create his very first display board: the historic underpinnings of the Cliffside line that are still among our top sellers today. Tucking his new display carefully into a hand-made wool-lined bag, he set out to recruit a customer: first one, then tens, then hundreds and thousands of cabinet manufacturers and kitchen dealers, many of whom are still with us today.

At the very heart of our company, quality defines everything that we do. Our customers inspire us to hold our products, our service, and our interactions to exacting standards. This drives us to seek out the best possible partnerships from our position in the supply chain. Quality will forever be the benchmark to which we aspire. We firmly believe that ‘value’ does not simply mean the cheapest price. As a function of price and quality, value is the assurance that you receive the best and longest-lasting return on your investment in our products.

Cliffside was founded upon one-on-one relationships: face-to-face meetings and personal telephone calls. It’s this direct connection to each customer that still drives our business today and keeps them coming back. Our 30-year history has taught us to be adaptable and progressive: we are forward-thinking in our business practices, the design of our products, and how we present them to the marketplace. As creators of fine hardware, we foster an environment for inspiration, originality, and growth.

Through 30 years of operation, we remain as confident today as we did in 1987: we have, without question, the best cabinet hardware in the world. With a founder who still helms the business, supported by an industrious team, we embody the American dream of a small business – owned and operated by the same family since its founding. Our commitment to you today is the same as it was then: to provide you with inspired hardware designs that will beg you to come back for more.
Address: 60 Wright Ave
City: Lititz
State: PA
Zip: 17543
Country: United States
Phone: (717) 627-3286
Fax: (717) 627-3729
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Cliffside Industries
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