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Leather Sink Countertop in Antique Black Walrus
Within the countertop segment alone, EcoDomo products are designed for both residential and commercial usage. Our products are always readily available and made in the USA, and can be found in closets, libraries, furniture systems and more.


EcoDomo is a market leader for sustainable creative applications of leather from floor to ceiling. Thanks to the innovative product design and exceptional performance of our leathers, the application possibilities are endless.
The leather countertops should be maintained with a humidified terry cloth to wipe clean. Surface scratches may be treated with EcoDomo leather fill sticks, shoe polish or matching leather markers available from furniture stores.


Antique Black Walrus is featured in the Echelon collection. Recycled leather veneer - RLV™ is made from pulverized leather fibers extracted from car seat and leather tanneries.
Ecodomo LLC
Address: 14650 F Rothgeb Drive
City: Rockville
State: MD
Zip: 20850
Country: United States
Phone: (301) 424-7717
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