The Maharam Collection

Platinum Award
Joel Berman Glass Studios has introduced a new collection that translates Maharam's textile designs onto glass. The Maharam Collection features four designs by the Maharam Design Studio—Anagram, Contrary, Disperse, and Fathom—with the potential to expand over time. The initial offering ranges in style from organic to geometric, all while representing Maharam’s clean, graphic approach to modern pattern design. The Maharam Collection can be printed and scaled to suit site specific applications, in tempered, laminated, drilled, polished fabricated glass.


Designers are now able to coordinate Maharam’s signature designs in glass applications. Previously only available in fabric, this material palette allows designers to create spaces with a unified approach to color and pattern. The print can be translucent or opaque for privacy. The beauty of the textile on glass becomes a medium that reflects, transmits, or diffuses light and is suitable for interior and exterior applications.

Joel Berman Glass Studios

Joel Berman Glass Studios is a world-renowned designer and manufacturer of glass art for the architectural and design community offering leading edge designs and collaboration possibilities to take any glass design project from concept to installation. From its design studio and manufacturing facilities located in Vancouver, BC, Canada Joel Berman Glass Studios offers kiln-cast glass, handcrafted to the highest standards and featuring designer textures, colors, hardware and design services, all delivered with unparalleled customer focus.


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