The Benefits of Wood While Still Keeping the Warmth of Wood
By: Gary Geller
Probably the only negative one may hear about stainless steel cabinets is, just that, they are steel and some people’s perception of steel is it’s cold and without personality. They rave about wood’s warm appearance, and interesting grain.

Well in today’s technological ripe environment you can now get the best of both worlds without any sacrifice. Lasertron can, using their own patented method to decorate stainless steel with an authentic wood grain pattern thus adding the wanted “warmth” the cabinet face while maintaining all the positive attributes of stainless steel cabinetry - such as long-term usability, ease of maintenance, and the strongest material manufactured for cabinet use.

What this also gives the homeowner, or their designer, is the varied option to also mix the wood-grained cabinet with its stainless steel brother; thereby imparting a true statement of your tastes. Furthermore, where the only viable cabinet available for use outdoors was the stainless steel version, now a wood pattern laminated version can give a different look to your outdoor kitchen or barbeque.

These stainless steel and wood design cabinets are only done by Lasertron with its patented methods and on a custom basis. That is, the indoor or outdoor kitchen is designed to fit in the specific area existing, or designed, for your cabinets. Unlike a new home installation, when you either remodel a standing kitchen, or choose to build an outdoor entertainment space in your yard, you are limited by the area already there. If you were to visit one of the mega-chains for stainless steel cabinets you would end up with the imported, probably Chinese, versions and they would in standard widths and heights. Not only that, but the steel itself would be of questionable quality and doubtless not treated for stain resistance. If you have a nine foot space to fill, three 36" width cabinets will do nicely; but what about that ten and a half-foot space - now we have a problem. With Lasertron it is easily fixed - that 126" space will be filled with four cabinets with a width of 31 ½" each. The installation looks planned, symmetric, and pleasing to the eye. You no longer need the fillers to conceal the unused space - everything matches and all the space is utilized.

With Lasertron you can truly have exactly what you desire – steel, etched steel, or laminated wood-like steel – your imagination is the only limitation.
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